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About Us

The Retirement Affairs Department  (CPC Committee of the Retirement Affairs Department) is a functional department of the university responsible for the service management of retired faculty and staff. Its main responsibilities are: learning, publicizing and implementing the policies and requirements of the CPC and the nation as well as related superior departments on retirement affairs; formulating the retired faculty management service system and specific implementation methods; managing ideological education and work for retired faculty and staff; cooperating with relevant university departments and promoting the implementation of various political and living treatments for retired faculty and staff; actively initiating the retired faculty and staff participating in the construction of  economic society and harmonious campus; coordinating and providing good management and services for retired faculty and staff of the university.


The Retirement Affairs Department contains the Office of Xingqing Campus, the Office of Medical Campus and the Office of Financial Campus, and provides macro guidance on retirement affairs for the affiliated hospitals. The CPC Committee of the department also has established its branch offices, having a total of 17 staff members. Up to July of 2018, there were 53 branches under the CPC Committee of the Retirement Affairs Department, with a total of 1,692 CPC members. The total number of retired faculty members is 6,399 (including 1,918 in affiliated hospitals), and more than 160 faculty members would retire and join in this group in every year..


In order to thoroughly implement the "Opinions on Further Strengthening and Improving the Work for Retired Cadres" (issued by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee  [2016] No. 3), the university has formulated the "CPC Committee of Xi'an Jiaotong University on the Implementation Opinions of Further Strengthening and Improving the Management and Services of Retirement Affairs" ([2016] No. 30), as a guiding document for the management and services of retirement affairs in the unviersity. In recent years, the Retirement Affairs Department and the CPC Committee of the department have continuously explored new ideas and new measures to strengthen and improve retirement affairs services and ideological construction under the new situation and promote political and living treatment to retired faculty and staff. The department also aims at perfecting and innovating the management and services of retirement affairs, developing the service system for the retired, constructing a "Heartwarming Project" to strengthen the basic services for retirement affairs and achieve overall visiting and comforting to the retired. In addition, the department has focused on the organization of cultural activities for the retired staff and the reinforcement of the institutional framework and service team for retirement affairs management, improving working methods and styles and providing better and practical services to the retired. The department has been commended by the Chinese Ministry of Education and Shaanxi Province for many times.


Agencies related to retirement affairs management in the university:

The Committee of Retirement Affairs Management is the leading agency in the university for retirement services, with the university leaders serve as the director and the deputy director. The members of the Committee include members from the Organization department, the Department of Publicity, the Department of Human Resources, the Department of Financial Affairs, the Department of Retirement Affairs, the Department of Logistical Support, the Workers Union, etc. The general office of the committee is located in the Department of Retirement Affairs with its main responsibilities of implementing the guidelines, policies and regulations on retirement affairs issued by related superior departments, promoting the improvement and innovation of the retirement management mechanism, coordinating, guiding and supervising works on retirement management, and providing solutions for major problems in the work.


The Working Committee for the Care of the Next Generation is a specialized organization under the leadership of the CPC Committee of the university, aiming at leading and coordinating the retired faculty and staff to participate in activities on promoting healthy development of young faculty, college students, and primary and secondary school students. In this committee, retired faculty and staff plays the major role, with the cooperation and participation of relevant units.


The University for the Aged is a branch school of the Shaanxi University for the Elderly. It was established as a non-profit public welfare school in June 1987,  focusing on education for senior citizens. It is managed by the School of Continuing Education and guided by the Department of Retirement Affairs. The mission of the University for the Aged is to provide healthy cultural services for the elderly for knowledge enrichment, quality improvement,  sentiment cultivation, health strengthening, life enrichment, potential development, so as to serve the society and promote harmony.


Clubs and organizations for the Aged:

Our university now has 43 clubs and organizations for the aged, including the Association of Senior Scientists and Technologists (the Association of Aged Professors), the Painting and Calligraphy Association, the Poetry Club, the Chorus , the Chinese Orchestra , the Tai Chi Association, the Table Tennis Association, the Photography Association, the Dance Groups, etc. All of these organizations have positively promoted science and education guidance, ideological education, psychological counseling, admissions publicity, science popularization and consultation, medical popularization, etc., leading and pushing regional cultural exchanges, and demonstrating the cultural style of the retired faculty and staff of our university.


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