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The Department of Retirement Affairs (the CPC Committee of the Department of Retirement Affairs) is a functional department of the university responsible for the management of retirement services. Its main responsibilities are: learning, publicizing and implementing the policies and requirements of the Party and the nation as well as related superior departments on retirement affairs; implementing and coordinating affairs related to retired faculty and staff. According to the above functions, the detailed responsibilities of the Department of Retirement Affairs (the CPC Committee of the Department of Retirement Affairs) are as follows:

1. Formulate and carry out working system and specific measures for retirement affairs in our university based on relevant policies and regulations on the cadres of the Party and the nation as well as on the retirement affairs.

2. Strengthen the connection and cooperation with relevant departments and units of the university and fulfill the implementation of political, living treatment to retired faculty and staff according to related policies and regulations.

3. Cooperate with the CPC Committee in the ideological study through reading documents issued by the Party and the government, conveying recent information of the university and participating in relevant meetings and political activities.

4. Cooperate with relevant departments to organize the retired in the participation of work that could continuously reflecting their values; timely publicize and praise the good deeds among retired faculty and staff.

5. Make full use of the existing conditions to manage the activity center (room) for the retired faculty and staff. Coordinate the clubs and organizations for the aged to carry out healthy activities that suitable for the aged, including publicity and education, sightseeing tour, medical care, recreational activities and sports, so as to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the retired faculty.

6. Receive and deal with letters and visitors, regularly hold symposium for retired faculty, organize home visits to understand the opinions and requirements of the retired, provide services and practical solutions for retired faculty and staff based on their difficulties together with relevant departments.

7. Organize consolatory and welfare activities for the elderly on major festivals, offering financial difficulties allowance. Check and ensure the handy services provided by the “Service Center for Retired Faculty”.

8. Care about the psychological and material life of retired comrades, carry out counseling and consolation to them, and assist the original unit of retired faculty and staff to properly handle relevant after-death issues.

9. Formulate work plan for retirement affairs, draft  relevant documents, properly spend the funds for activities, properly handle all the basic work, so as to gradually realize the scientization, institutionalization and standardization of management services.

10. Investigate and understand the situation of retired faculty and staff, regularly summarize and report the work related to retirement affairs. 

11. Strengthen the institutional construction of the department, supervise and evaluate the working performance of the staff, emphasize the principle of providing good services to retired faculty and staff; be responsible for the filing, archiving and related statistical work of the documents and materials of the department.

12. Undertake daily affairs of the Leading Group for Retirement Affairs, the Committee for the Aged Faculty, and the Working Committee for the Care of the Next Generation of the university.

13. Undertake other matters assigned by the higher authorities and the Party and government leaders of the university.


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